Improving Efficacy

We help clinicians provide a more effective treatment. We safeguard patients against infection. We help healthcare systems mitigate risk.

We’re CFI Medical, experts in patient positioning systems, radiation protection systems, and infection prevention systems that help improve the effectiveness of clinical practice.

From the Blog

Summer is over and the fall harvest is upon us

Summer is over and the fall harvest is upon us. The Halloween season starts the fall festivities and on into the Thanksgiving holiday. My name is Cory Klockenga, and I am part of the Engineering department at CFI Medical. We have been working hard creating new products for the medical industry. I enjoy designing and... Read More >>

Creating a “Win-Win”

Medical practice is increasingly subjected to regulatory “influence.” Many of these rules and regulations improve health care, while others seem to add work without discernible benefit. Still others have a sound rationale, yet require a change in clinical practice which can be frustrating to a clinician, especially if it requires changing a comfortable practice. I... Read More >>

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